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Is Your Company Prepared for an (Inevitable) Breach?

Combine These 3 Elements for the Best Protection

81% of organizations surveyed reported being the victim of some type of data breach during the previous 12 months. And ransomware has quickly emerged as a top concern among security professionals.

There are three key elements that must work together to combat the potential harm to your organization from a breach.

  1. Incident Response Readiness

  2. Business Continuity Preparation

  3. Disaster Recovery Planning

Strong plans for each of these elements accompanied by evaluation of their ability to work together when challenged by a real-world attack can limit potential damage and speed recovery for your organization. That’s why Local Knowledge offers a suite of services to help organizations like yours evaluate your breach readiness programs, then test your people and processes against a real-world scenario.

Contact Us Today to discuss how we can help you prepare!

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